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Animal Science

The Animal Science program of study focuses on the science, research, and business of animals and other living organisms. It teaches CTE learners how to apply biology and life science to real-world life processes of animals and wildlife, either in laboratories or in the field, which could include a veterinary office, a farm or ranch, or any outdoor area harboring animal life. Students may also research and analyze the growth and destruction of species and research or diagnose diseases and injuries of animals.

Courses for Animal Science:

 Level 1 - Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources 

Level 2 - Small Animal Management/ Equine Science

Level 3 - Livestock Production/ 

Level 4 - Practicum in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources/ Advanced Animal Science/ Veterinary Medicine

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Potential Occupations: Median Wage:

Animal Breeder $39,135

Animal Scientist $57,533

Medical Scientist   $63,898

Veterinarian $93,416

Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist $67,309